Monday, March 9, 2009


Chief's Cellulitis and fever have gone down and his white blood cell count is back in the normal range, but he is still having a very hard time walking and still cannot control his hindquarters when he does try to walk. He can lay down, and will at times, sit like a dog to rest, but he has a very hard time getting back up. So the vets are rigging up a body sling for him for a few hours a day to help him rest without the struggle. When he does sit or lay down and then struggles to get up, he causing sores to his legs which can lead to Cellulitis again. We are hoping this course of action will help give him the time he needs to possibly heal his back injury.

Although his prognosis is still guarded, he is alert, eating and drinking and being careful with himself. Chief has been through many injuries and medical issues in the past and is a real fighter. As long as he is willing to fight and that there is a possiblity of a quality of life, we will continue on helping him in his fight.

We have set an Emergency Fund for help with his vet care. His bill is at $2700.00 now.

I will keep everyone updated, thank you for thinking and supporting this special Shiloh Horse.

Please email me directly at for updates on the horses remaining at Dreamchasers.

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the 4 D's said...

We really miss Chief at Shiloh as I am sure everyone does! Knowing that he has had a long happy life at Shiloh makes us all feel better.
Chief~ YOU ARE STILL IN OUR DAILY PRAYERS and I know you are fighting this- hang in there friend! Thank You Jill for the update.
The Hickeys