Friday, November 21, 2008

We are working hard today to get ready for this weekend's Pet Expo at Cashmen Center here in Las Vegas. We will have a booth with beaded horseshoes, calendars, beaded horseshoe magnets and ornaments, beaded bracelets, and much more! All donations are going into Sitka's Magic Leg Fund!

We have also set up a Sitka Magic Leg Raffle which will begin at the Pet Expo and will go until December 10th when we will draw names for the prizes. All donations will go to Sitka's Fund. Tickets can be bought at the Expo or Online on The Raffle Page.

We have wonderful prizes:

First prize a Tony Curtis Art Print and a copy of the Shiloh Documentary DVD.

Second prize a beautiful original watercolor by U.K. Shiloh supporter, Andrea McNeill!
Third prize a framed Barbaro painting on fabric.

We are also now accepting donations of yard sale items for Sitka's Yard Sale in Las Vegas on December 13th. More info here!

We are leaving baskets of beaded horseshoes, magnets, key chains, ornaments, and calendars at feed and tack store around the city. They will also be available at Desert Pines Equine Center.

Great Holiday gifts! (This basket is at Wakimoto Feed off of South Las Vegas Blvd. Wakimoto has always been a great Shiloh Supporter!)

We moved best friends, Soot and Falcon out into Big Vacation Village today...

They had a wonderful time playing!
It's great to see these old guys enjoying their lives...

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Found art blog said...

Andrea told me to say she's very pleased the Yard sale idea was a good one!!!
Hope it all works well for you!