Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Various Things

Things are really getting busy around here!
Traveler says, "Don't forget to VOTE!"

It's our right as Americans to vote and Traveler will be casting his ballot today. He is not telling who he is voting for...

When was the first President election in American History? Traveler knows!

Dave Hickey ( A Shiloh adopter, Volunteer, and our Equipment Manager) is going to be arranging a two day Parelli Clinic at Shiloh on the weekend of December 6-7, 2008. Marc Rea, a three star Parelli instructor, will be teaching the clinic. Our last clinic was a great success and we, and our horses, all learned alot! The cost per horse/handler team is $395.00 for both days, or $200.00 for one day. Spectators/"Auditors" can also attend for $20.00 for one day, or $30.00 for two days. As soon as everything is set, I will be posting more info and accepting horse/handler teams.

Those of you who have followed Sitka and Sunday's story know that we have been considering options for Sitka and her crippled foot. Sitka's quality of life has diminished and we have been discussing euthanising her with our vet. But, to complicate things further, we have been trying to keep Sitka as comfortable as we can until Sunday can be safely weaned. We cannot wean him until at least 4 months of age, which is still very young to be taken from his mother. Last Month, we were approached by Dr. Schur from the vet clinic who, after reviewing Sitka's x-rays, told us that she actually considered Sitka as a good canidate for amputation and a prosthetic leg. Her crippled foot is causing her pain, but it is a "mechanical lameness", the rest of her body is healthy. Dr. Schur contacted a surgeon in WY who was interested in doing the surgery, but his cost was estimated at $10,000- $12,000, which is of course too much for Shiloh to spend. Sitka is an older mare, but she has a great will to live and we, and the vets, just feel that she is not ready to be put to sleep. We want to do what we can to give her a better quality of life and some pain free years. But, we just didn't know if we were going to be able to realistically do that. Then, I got a call this morning. Carol, the loving woman who adopted Blue Moon, had contacted her friend in FL, who is an amputee himself and a great animal lover. He has created prosethetics for other crippled horses and burros, whose only other options would have been euthaniasia. After looking at Sitka's photos, he thinks he might be able to help her! He thinks, with our vet's help, he can create a a prosthetic which would go over her crippled foot, taking all of the weight off of it and bypassing the need to actually amputate the foot. This is all in the planning stages, but I think this just might be the answer for sweet Sitka! Shiloh's cost would come to approx $4,000.00 (his cost for the materials), a much lower and much more realistic number for us. Once we go to the next step, we will be raising some funds for a Sitka Fund. I will keep everyone updated...

Adopted Horse Updates:
Below is "Remington", the baby of Shiloh Horse, Wildfire. He was born in a foster home, and is in a new home now and being well cared for and loved. He looks great!

Below, Angus and his young owner, Alyssa.


Katherine said...

Hi Jill...do you know if they will be riding in the upcoming clinic or is it groundwork only? Thanks...

Shiloh Horse Rescue and Sanctuary said...

Hey Katherine-

Dave just emailed me that they may add a third day with saddling and riding. As soon as I know more I will let everyone know.

See you at Shiloh!

Cheri said...

I am so happy to hear of an alternative for Sitka. I have seen
a horse with one, and thought of beautiful Sitka deserving one. I am behind you on making this happen,as I know all the good people that helped her out after she had Sunday will be too. Lets
give her a chance!