Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday 11/11/08

"Happy Feet of Shiloh". Turn up the volume and enjoy!

Well, today we pulled out some light weight blankets for some of the oldest guys. The wind is getting cold and we don't want the old guys to have to use any energy to keep warm. Eventually, as the winter progresses, all of the older and special needs horses will wear blankets to stay warm.

The blanket room is a scary place to go! We haven't been in there since last winter, you just don't know what you will find in there!

Sally climbs in the window because the blankets have blocked the door from opening!
Sifting through them is a big job, not for the faint at heart! Breezer tries to help out...
But, it's all too much for Sally!

Mendoza is happy for Sally's hard work, he is toasty warm now.

Priceless also benefitted from Sally's courage...

" Thanks Sally!"

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Eric Clayton said...

You would have thought Sally had a run in with a feral cat the way her legs were tremblin' as she stepped out onto that ladder....HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!