Wednesday, November 5, 2008


It looks like we are going to go ahead and Have Ronnie fly out from Florida to make a cast of Sitka's crippled foot. He will then go home and use that to create her prosthetic. He will be coming out on Friday and we will be bringing Sitka (and little Sunday) into the vet clinic for the casting.

We have created a Sitka Magic Leg Fund where we are accepting donations to help pay the cost of her prosthetic. We are estimating the cost at $4,000 for everything. ALL donations to this Fund will go directly to paying her bill and we will keep a running total of the amount raised. Donations are tax deductable.

We will also be putting any donations that we receive at the upcoming Pet Expo, November 22-23rd, into her Fund. At the Expo, we will be offering for donations the beaded horse shoes, little beaded horse shoe magnets and ornaments, t-shirts, and 2009 calendars.

As soon as we have more info about Sitka we will post it. Thank you to all her friends out there who are pulling for her!

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