Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A very cold Wednesday!

Today was freezing and very windy! Ice stayed in the water buckets and all our hands froze as we dumped and cleaned the water.

We made sure everyone who needed a blanket on, had one. We blanket all older, thin, special needs, and thin haired horses. The young, healthy, fuzzy guys do great in the cold and usually don't have blankets on. (With almost 200 animals at the rescue, it's a full time job just to blanket those who need it!) Most of our older well used blankets are held on with baling twine leg and belly straps, they might look ugly, but they do the job! We had alot of used blankets donated this year, we really appreciate that! We can always use more as many of the older blankets are on their last legs! Do you have any old, worn, faded, patched blankets sitting around? Please consider donating them. Rescue horses are not too proud to wear hand me downs, it's not about style for them! Blankets can be dropped off at Shiloh or at our vet clinic, Desert Pines Equine at Lone Mountain and Jones (near Craig).

This morning, Sharil, Jill, and Sally added more straw in the pig and goat houses to keep everyone warm. We made sure all the cracks were sealed up and they had lots of straw to burrow under. By the time we were done, the houses were so cozy that Sharil said she might be moving in. She will have to work that out with Sonny, Cher, and Oscar Meyer...

Geoff, Shiloh's shoer, was out. He comes to Shiloh twice a week (weds and sat). With so many horses at the ranch, he has to work hard to keep everyone up to date on hoof trims. He worked in the barn aisle to try to get out of the wind, but his hands were freezing!

Ice and Creek were turned out together in one of the arenas, they had a great time racing back and forth. Some of the Wanderers joined in the fun, they galloped around the outside. Moody had escaped from the Mare Motel sometime last night and had joined into the Wanderer's herd. It was too cold for us to chase him and he kept a close eye on us all day, just in case we might make a grab for him. He is happy being loose, so we will bring him in tomorrow.

Little Daisy got a new blanket, which she hated immediately. We don't really blame her because she does look like a stuffed sausage in it. When Daisy doesn't like something, watch out!

Salsa was in a crazy mood, galloping in and out of the barn aisle. He loves the clacking sound his hooves make on the brick floor! He was very fiesty and would not leave the shoer alone. Geoff made the mistake of leaving his truck door open and Salsa pulled all of his stuff out!

All in all, a cold but good day!


C&L said...

Hey Shilo Gang,

We sure miss you guys! Things are great in NY and Pequito and Reece were so shocked to see grass when we first got to there new home! We remember OH so well the bone chilling wind of winter at Shilo and miss it dearly. We have however had our share of cold NY days!

Love to all!

Chris and Laurie

KatLovesKritters said...

Daisy looks adorable in her new blanket.. too bad she hates it.

C&L said...

My apologies! I was refering to Shiloh not Shilo!


Lori said...

Salsa sure is a character!