Monday, January 14, 2008

Monday at Shiloh

It was a beautiful day at the rescue, sunny and quiet. Still cold, but not icy.

Many of the pasture horses laid in the warm sand and took long naps, they would just twitch their ears at you as you walked by to check on them. The weanlings were all separated and the shyer ones were moved into separate corrals for some more one on one attention. The more friendly babies were put in the tree area with two older geldings as babysitters. Boston and Alamo will help the babies learn to have good horse manners and to get along in a group until they move on to their new homes. Boston and Alamo's babysitting fees will be paid in Equine Senior!

Hickory's wound was cleaned and checked, his antibiodics were given. All the horses were checked for new wounds, etc. Water buckets were filled and extra feed given to those who need it.

Apache and Inspirada (both pregnant) were put back into the Bungalow area, which has dried a bit after the water pipes broke a few days ago. Some of the corrals in the bungalows are still too wet to be used.

Desert Pines (Shiloh's Vet) will be coming out to the rescue on Monday the 21st for some routine care. We have some horses being checked for pregnancies, some teeth to be floated, Echo Echo, the new stallion from Animal Control, will be gelded. Some of Shiloh's boarders will also be having their horses checked. Sadly, we will probably have Coal peacefully put to sleep at that time, we are having a hard time keeping his old chronic founder under control. We can't keep him very comfortable anymore and he is having a harder and harder time getting around. He is out with his wandering herd in the back, his best friend, Sitka never far away. Next time you come out, please take a minute to say hi to him (he is grouchy though). We want him to know that we love him...

Shiloh is hosting a Parelli Natural Horsemanship Clinic with Marc Rea, a three star Parelli instructor. The clinic will be on Feb 16-17. The horse and participant part is filling up fast and auditing is available. The two day clinic is $400 for horse/participant teams, auditing is $25 per day/ $40 for both days. This is going to be a wonderful learning experience for everyone, please come on out and join us! Check out the website for more info and details!

We had some new volunteers today. If you are interested in coming out, just send Shiloh an email at Volunteers and visitors are welcome seven days a week! Shiloh's Business hours are from around 8am until around 1:30pm. Come on out and help us groom horses, fill water buckets, etc! Don't forget to bring lots of carrots! The pigs and goats also like old produce (lettuce, apples, tomatos, etc), so if you have any laying around in your kitchen, bring it on out!

It was a busy weekend as Shorty, Cash, and Marquee were all adopted! As sad as were are to see the horses eventually leave Shiloh, we are happy they have new loving owners to care for them. Shiloh always says that rescue is not always the best home for horses, there are many wonderful and caring people out there who can give these horses more attention, training, and one on one love then they can get from us. It's our job to save the horses and then let them move on to new homes when they are ready. There are other needy horses who need our help!

Don't forget Shiloh 2008 Calendars and unique hand beaded horseshoes are still for sale! Go to our front page for more info. We are currently working on a new improved website with a full online store where it will be easy to buy calendars, horse shoes, t-shirts, and more. Tony Curtis will be donating one of his art prints to Shiloh to offer for a $200.00 donation. These beautiful prints will be for sale in our new coming store!

This is a daily blog, so check us out everyday for the latest Shiloh happenings!


the 4 D's said...

hey shiloh, this is really cool . we are so sorry for cole, he is special to kody. the 1st day we came to the ranch he always said hello to cole
the 4d's

Eric said...

Hey Shiloh! I agree, this is a really neat addition the website. I checked the website often before, but this will be a great way to get some feedback on the days I am not out there. :)

Jenny K. said...

This is a great addition to your webpage. I check your site every day for updates anyway, so I'll look forward to reading your blog.

Thanks for all your hard work and dedication, Shiloh!

Yvonne said...

Dear Shiloh, this is just wonderful! I check out the site daily for any new news so I'm going to just love this blog. Need to keep my eye on baby Fortune, you know! I'll make sure that I give loves to Coal on Saturday! He will be missed! See you soon!

bhoppi said...

this is an awesome addition to your website!! As you know since I moved to Oregon I check the website almost daily to see what is happening. I hope to get out to see everyone in the not so distant future.

Keep up the fantastic work!

KatLovesKritters said...

aw I'll miss Coal. Sadly I dont get to visit the rescue as much as I would like to. If I didn't live an hr and a half away, I would be there everyday. And sadly I dont think I'll be there before Coal goes to greener pastures. Please give him a hug for me.

-Kathryn R.

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