Friday, January 25, 2008


Another cold morning, still some snow in the pass.

We welcomed Sabine, Shiloh's rider, back to Shiloh today. Sabine and David had been out of town for a few weeks. They were happy to see their two adopted horses, Balboa and Cheyenne (Magnolia) again.

The Hickey Family was out (minus Darien) and Dave spent alot of time in the Cuckoo's Nest pasture. He is taking on some of the wild mares as his personal project (pic below). Now that their babies are weaned, we are trying to get some of them at least halter broke so that we can possibly find homes for them. It's going to be a difficult job, but we want to give them a chance at homes of their own. Many of these mares are basically wild and untouchable, if there is anyone who is willing to take on a project horse who really needs some work, please email us. The mares are free to good experienced horse handling homes. They are all nice looking and sound. We will have an entire area devoted to these mares and their progress on our new upcoming website.

Speaking of the website, thanks to Marianne, who is working very hard to get all the horses moved over to the new template. With so many horses, this is a very time consuming job! The new site will be more user friendly, with more information, including videos of all adoptable horses. We are hoping to finally launch the new site next week.


Andrea said...

Is there anything Salsa doesn't do?? Wrestling, Ju Jitsu, and now human-wrangling! And he's not even grown yet!! (and it's good to see that he's setting a good example by chewing a broom, best thing for the horrid hairy sticks.)

happyfeet2008 said...

Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much I'm enjoying the daily blog. I love Shiloh Horse Rescue and love checking in on my favorites (I love Salsa and Daisy)! Keep up the good work. You folks are wonderful.