Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tuesday at the Rescue...

Another beautiful day, sunny but still cool. The water was frozen again and frost was still in the shadows into the late morning.

Una, a fostered mare was returned to Shiloh yesterday. She went along with her foal, Dulce, to Dulce's adoptive home a few months ago. Dulce is now weaned and ready to move on, so Una came back home. She is out in Little Vacation Village to help her keep her weight up. We are happy to see her again, she is a very sweet mare!

Rex, who finally has gained his weight back, was turned out into the "Psych Ward/Cuckoo's Nest" pasture. His good friend and neighbor, Sadler joined him. They both had a wonderful time bucking, spinning, and galloping around while the pasture horses looked on looking bored. They will continue to gain weight and settle down, in a few months they will be pulled back in to begin adoption evaluation. We like to keep the horse in rehab out in pasture whenever possible, it's healthier and more natural for them- especially for the off the track Thoroughbreds.

Maverick, our gelded stallion who had to have his horribly ulcerated eye removed, was also turned out in pasture. It's probably the first time he has been able to be out with other horses and roam freely. He seems very happy and relaxed and has made some new friends.

Mercali, an off the track TB from NY, was pulled in from the pasture to gain some more weight. He was right off the racetrack and we just could not keep his weight up. He will be put onto our weight gain diet and eventually be put back out with his friends.

Jericho was treated for a small puncture wound and put onto antibiodics. He will remain in the Hospice Area for a few days before rejoining his friends in Big Vacation Village.

Scout had a little too much fun after running and playing in the turn out, she pulled a muscle and had to be treated with pain meds. She is doing better and should recover just fine. Kudos toMarianne, who works with Scout, for noticing that something was not quite right with her.

Marianne, a Shiloh adopter of Galt, volunteer, and website helper, cleaned Hickory's eye and worked with some of the horses. Cheri, another volunteer, helped to move horses and worked with Tattoo and Trooper. Sharil, adopter of Borrego and Cochise, worked her horses and pitched in to help get the horses all checked over and cared for. These three volunteers are always a BIG help and we know we can trust them to always do the right thing with the horses and notice any problems.

Sabine, Shiloh's rider and adopter of Balboa, rode Chico and Pirate and began evaluating Music and Lark for upcoming adoption. Sabine works very hard for the horses and does a wonderful job.

Betsy, adopter of Kite, and her sister, Katherine, owner of boarded Ace, both worked with their horses and walked them all over the property.

The little black chickens attacked and tried to bite Jill as she feed them and Spur, the big ranch dog, slept the morning away on the office's sofa.

Another busy day in paradise!

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LynnS said...


Love the blog. Glad to see that Marianne spotted trouble with Scout -- what a lady!! I was hoping that the family would keep Una but I am glad to see her back with you and look forward to future pics of her. She is fav since she seemed to calm my buddy Stubby down last winter. Hugs to Una (welcome back), Stubby (kisses) and EchoEcho (be good for the doctor on Monday).