Saturday, January 19, 2008


As with most Saturdays, Shiloh was busy. Much warmer and a beautiful day.

We had lots of help with volunteers and visitors. Dave, Shiloh's Equipment Manager and adopter of Rookie and Numerous, and his wife Deonna, hung our two new wooden signs on each end of the barn, and fixed our drip system for the trees. Dave had some help from another Shiloh member, Salsa.

Lenny and Arthur, adopters of Ghost (Noname) and Mateo (Lincoln) worked hard trimming the pasture Mesquite trees. Other volunteers handed out bags of carrots and helped fill water buckets. I think almost every animal on the ranch got at least one carrot!

Many Boarders were out to work with their horses. Eric's young Mustang, Gus, had his first official hoof trim, which he handled very well. Wishes and Jenny lead all over the ranch and Jenny with Tin Man had a good ride in the arena.

Traveler and Frost now have pending adoptions to Bill and Amber, a great animal loving couple who are looking to add horses to their family. Bill and Amber also groomed Roy and Wind (below).
Marquee's adoption became official to Jen. He will be boarded at Shiloh for a while until a space opens up in town. Oasis, another adopted Shiloh Horse, is returning to Shiloh today to be boarded. We are looking forward to seeing Oasis and Elisa again out at the ranch.

Geoff, our Shoer, worked hard. He trimmed both Boarders and Shiloh horses.

Alot of work was done today, thanks to EVERYONE who worked so hard to keep the rescue running smoothly. We could not do it without you!


Andrea said...

This blog is terrific! I love reading about what happens and catching up on the news! Good to hear that Salsa is still working up to Management grade...!

KellyByrd1 said...

Hello All!
This was my second visit to my new favorite place... first with my husband Dean, then today with my friend Vadja. Dean and I brought apples and carrots, but at Albertson's, in the bulk we bought, it was pretty costly. Vadja told me about Food for Less- they have 20 or 25lb bags of carrots for less than $5!!! If you don't see them out, just ask the produce man and he'll get them from the back. We were at the Food for Less on LV Blvd and not too far south of Warm Springs. We bought 4 bags, and had so many carrots the animals thought we were rock stars! Just thought I'd pass on that bargain information- the animals are soooo appreciative- and deserving! Thank you, Miss Jill, for the hospitality. I saw our picture on the blog- you are quite the quick picture taker! Thanks again for a lovely day with the kids, and for all your efforts for these deserving, loving animals. Kelly Byrd