Thursday, January 17, 2008


Cold again, but with some sun. Tons of ice in the waters, the hoses stayed frozen until the late morning.

Hickory's eye is looking better, it's not actually his eye, but something like an infected tear duct. He is on antibiodics and looking better everyday. He is very sweet, lets you clean him up without even having to put a halter on him. He is still in the "Mesquite Manor" area, in the trees. Jericho's wound is doing great, he was feeling frisky in the cold air.
Some of the Hospice and Mare Motel horses enjoyed some turn out time, there was alot of galloping and rolling in the deep sand. Mercali, Rabbit, and Outlaw were together in one arena, Chico, Pirate (pictured above), and Redondo in the other.

Charlie joined in and teased the turned out horses, then took a nice nap in the aisle of the Mare Motel. There was alot of laying down and napping in the sun, as it was extremely cold last night.

Slew, the goat, snoozed close by Arson...

A quiet day with just the usual pasture walk throughs, blanket re-adjustments, and feeding. There is a busy weekend coming up with volunteers and people looking to adopt, so we just enjoyed the peace and serentiy of the day. With rescue, you just never know what the day will bring, it's always nice when all is well with no sick horses or emergencies. Some mornings we make great plans for the day and something happens that quickly changes everything. Because Shiloh has soo many horses in the rescue, things are always different day to day, it can be sad or happy, but it's just never the same! A peaceful day like today is always a blessing...

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Kats_Kritters said...

Glad everyone [and horses] all had a good, easy day. =)