Sunday, June 6, 2010

Saturday- Some Like it Hot!

A very hot, but very busy day!

Peace Pipe in his barn stall. His personality is emerging now and he is very sweet and quiet. He loves attention and enjoys being in the barn where he is at the center of the action.

Peace Pipe's condition last month, he was so very thin...

His condition now- he is starting to fill out a bit and his appetite is very good! Keep up the good work PP!

The temperature reached up to 105 degrees yesterday, so City Center was very busy! It's the coolest place on the ranch. Here Sandi bathes Capone...

After I gave my horse, Tanis a bath, Aztec took advantage of the cool water...

Ketchum is doing really well, his surgery site looks great and he is feeling and acting good.

Elisa and Spartacus share a moment. They both have the same looks on their faces!

Our Curly baby, Sherlock, also enjoyed a cool bath by Volunteer Patti.

Darian and Aztec shared a bag of carrots...

New Arrival, Ochocinco is starting to look better.

In spite of the heat, Elisa rode some horses. Here she is with Mercali...

Suggestion looking nice after a cool bath after his work out.

Oreo is also looking great.

Elisa hopped on Black Magic, this is a very nice mare.

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