Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mojo's New Job and a New Arrival

We had a new arrival today, a very nice 6 year old Quarter Horse mare. Her name is Black Magic and she was donated by her caring family. Her family was talked into buying a young green horse as a first horse by a trainer, which was a huge mistake. Black Magic was way too much horse for them and they lost all of their confidence. Shiloh always recommends that your first horse should know more than you do! An older, well trained horse makes an excellent first horse, not a young green broke horse. But, they did the best they could with Magic and finally contacted us about taking her so that we can find her another home.

She is well trained and friendly, sound and healthy.

She is a nice mare who will be evaluated very soon for adoption.

Balboa's fly mask!

Cognac has really filled out and responded well to her ulcer treatment. That's her new best friend, Levi, behind her.

Jimmy Dean waiting for the Breakfast Club to start...

Peace Pipe, who seems to be feeling much better, spent time in the turn out...

Then we bathed Little Mojo who had a job to do...

He felt great after his bath!
Then he headed into town for the Best Friends' "I Read to Animals" program at a local library.

The kids practice reading by reading to visiting animals. Mojo was so good, in fact, he dozed off as they read to him!
He was a big hit with the kids!

A job well done, time to head back home to Shiloh!


Dan said...

That's really sweet to have the kids reading to animals!

Cheryl Ann said...

What a great program for the kids!