Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Well, Cheyenne is in Vegas tonight and will be picked up by the Hickey Family early tomorrow morning. They are headed up to Reno for the Parelli Celebration. Shiloh was chosen by the HSUS to provide a rescue horse to be used in a demonstration with Pat Parelli. Cheyenne was chosen to go and we are hoping she finds a wonderful home with an audience member. This is a great honor for us and we are excited about the event. Good luck Cheyenne and Hickeys! Do Shiloh proud! Go Rescue!

Here is a press release from the HSUS mentioning Cheyenne.

All was good at the rescue today. We had Chief brought into the vet clinic in preparation for our trip out of town. We are all sad to see him leave Shiloh, but he was in good spirits. We backed the trailer up to his stall and he slowly walked right in. He needed no help or persuasion, it's as if he knows we are helping him the best we can. Let's all keep Chief in our thoughts, he is a true fighter. Once we get back into town, he will return to Shiloh.

The Shiloh Crime Scene? Is this the site of a massacre by the burros? Did Salsa kick out one too many times at someone? Nope, it's just crime scene tape blocking off the newly poured cement. We had a wonderful big cover donated, which will cover the entire wash rack area. We needed to enlarge the cement area in order to accommodate it. We are calling this new project "Shiloh City Center".

Eric showed off Sawyer's new flymask. Love the ears Sawyer!

Peanut on the way home...

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the 4 D's said...

Well shiloh we are on our way ,this is a chance of a lifetime and we are excited to support Shiloh and be a part of Parelli. we will send pix and try to keep you all posted with all the cool stuff and we hope Cheyenne will find a new happy home .GO CHEYENNE!!