Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Hot Thursday

All of our thoughts go out to Shiloh Family member, Sharil, who's sister sadly passed away this week. We love you Sharil and we are all holding a good thought for you and for your sister, Christine.

It was hot out there today!

Trace, Pablo, Image, Tulsa, and Aiken returned to Shiloh today from the vet testing. Galaxy, Echo Echo, Hoops, Storm Cloud and Wasabi left for their upcoming test. It's nice that some of the Sanctuary guys can have a biot of a job teaching future vets. The latest group will return to Shiloh next week.

Will, looking cute. He is such a sweet little guy and he just follows you everywhere!

Dude, Inapirada and Convoy headed out for a nice trail ride. Part of our adoption evaluations is to see how the horse reacts and behaves out on trail. These guys were all great and had a good time. It's nice for the horses to get a break from the arena and the regular routine.

Area 51 eating breakfast. The trees are so green now!

Black feather is doing just great. She is settling down and now enjoys being ridden. She is a really cute mare who will make someone an excellent pleasure riding horse. She will be taken out on trail next week.
Lucero is getting big and will very soon be looking for her new home! She is hard to photograph because she follows you around so closely.

Robin gave Gummie Pen member, Susie Q a nice cool bath (which they both enjoyed).

White Cloud looking hefty!

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shilohsally said...

We all love you Sharil. Take care and know your Shiloh family loves you and will be there for you. You are our sister!