Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thursday's Rescue Adventures

A busy day. Lots of stuff to be done, many great volunteers, and a nice warm day (too warm actually)...

The Big Pasture- look how green the Mesquite Trees are! The ranch is looking beautiful this time of the year...

Eating breakfast in Big Pasture...

Chief's Thursday visitors- Latigo, Cortez and Charlie.

The busy washrack area... (Orlando and Charmin get some attention.)

OTTB Mercali out in the Big Pasture. We are giving him time off to see if his racing injuries will heal enough for him to be able to possibly find a home of his own.
Vanilla, still hairy but better, eats hay in the Cuckoo's Nest Pasture.

Philadelphia being worked this morning. A happy update as Philly was adopted by Tony and Patty of Las Vegas this morning! We are all so happy about this match!

Slewus, another OTTB, is hosed off after some work. Due to his racing injuries (a slab fracture), he is still not going sound, so he will spend more time out in the pasture rehabbing. Racing is just so hard on these horses, it's very sad and a huge waste.

Black Feather under saddle- she is doing so much better! She is really settling down for riding and will make someone a wonderful riding companion.

Even Gummie Pen member Orlando got some exercise as he was used in a light lesson. We are so happy these sweet older horses have a bit of a job where they get extra attention and exercise. The older guys looks so proud carrying their riders in the lessons, it's so cute!

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