Sunday, September 26, 2010

Saturday's Work...

A busy day as always.

Good news as Cedar is being adopted! She will be leaving for her new home sometime next week. Great news for Cedar and her new owner.

Here is Cleveland, the horse who went into the clinic last week with an extremely sore leg and foot. At first, the vets thought it was just a deep abscess, but once the pain meds wore off, the intense pain returned and they had to look even deeper. It appears that he has a pocket of infection way up near his coffin bone. Cleveland has always have hooves that abscess from time to time since he was rescued. But, they have always been able to be resolved. This time, it is much deeper and bigger. So we have to do very careful hoof care on him every other day with antibiotics and keep it as sterile as we can...

After his foot care, he spent some time out in the warm sun in his outdoor pen. He is being housed in the Barn while he is being treated.

I rode my new guy, Yeager. I am working on getting back into jumping and Yeager is a blast to ride! I have had lots of people ask- no Yeager is not a rescue. I purchased him as I was looking for something specific. I haven't seriously ridden or jumped in 15 years, so I need something that can get me going. Once I get back into the swing of things, then I will be working with some of the rescues to get them jumping and showing as well. If I could have found a rescue horse who fit what I was looking for- then of course, I would have rescued it. I am planning to begin competing in Combined Training in Spring of 2011. Shiloh rider, Elisa is also planning to compete as well so we are getting organized. Yeager is an Oldenburg and I will be competing in Combined Training.

Sally and I will also be traveling to Lexington, Kentucky next weekend to watch the Eventing portion of the World Equestrian Games at the Kentucky Horse Park. We are so excited and can't wait to go!

Bacon Bits and Jimmy Dean enjoyed a nice siesta after the morning's Breakfast Club...

We have moved Laramie into the Medical Unit area. We are treating his heart failure with Lasix. He is actually happy and eating well, but his old body is failing. We are spending time with him and letting him know how loved he is.

Over in the VC pen, White Cloud and Keller have teamed up...

Sabine worked with Oreo. She is doing very well and we will begin her adoption evaluation again this coming week.

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Mikey said...

Ah Jill you always make me tear up! I'm so sorry for Laramie. I just lost an old horse to heart failure.
Love the pic of Keller too, I'm trying to get over there to visit with her again, but this month my mom's health forces me to stick close to home.
I'll always have a connection with that horse, and I thank you for putting her picture up so I can see her healthy and happy there. You do such a good thing for horses who would otherwise have nowhere to go. Thank you so much for that, and thanks to your whole crew who makes it happen every day.
I hope to see y'all soon!