Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Adopted Horse UPDATE: Cocktail and Napa

I received this wonderful email update from Cocktail and Napa's adoptive owners. All of you out there who support Shiloh, and help us make Shiloh the place it is, I wanted you to see how your support really can change and better horses' lives, Enjoy!

"Hi Jill,

We have had the girls 2 weeks today! They have settled right in and nicker at me everytime they see me.

Cocktail has turned into a pick-pocket as she tries to get the carrots everytime I enter her corral. She loves to be scratched and brushed, and will come to the fence whenever someone comes to see her. We are calling her Shiloh now instead of Cocktail. We just love her.

Napa is doing great too! She nickers louder than any horse around and there are many! I have to laugh as she stares at the back door, ears up, when it is time for feeding. She to loves to be scratched and brushed and also checks for her carrots! We are calling her Liberty now instead of Napa.

You should hear them when I take one out to ride, even the horse right next door gets into the act. You would think I was taking one away for good! The entire neighborhood knows when I ride! Larry has been gone, but when he gets back we will take some pics and will forward them on to you.

I love my horses!"


Terry said...

That's beautiful!

the 4 D's said...

this is soooooo cool

Elaine said...

Great, what a super nice lady, these two girls are very lucky.