Friday, August 20, 2010

Image in his Prime!

I wanted to share this with everyone. This is from Image's owners:

"Although I am so sad to hear he is gone, I am very grateful and relieved it was so peaceful. He had a wonderful life with you! He really was a special pony. He was advertised in the Pennysaver for $1500 (and that included his corral!); he was the right size and sound enough for Lara who was 7 at the time. He was terrific on trail, a solid pony club mount, camping and the beach- he did it all! After Lara outgrew him, Brad rode him a little. I would call Image to one end of the arena and he would trot over- my husband would call him and he would trot to the other end of the arena keeping Brad safely on board….like a big golden retriever. Brad did some local gymkhanas and tetrathalon camp but was just not interested in riding. Image was NOT happy being retired, living at home. When we left, we would return to him dripping sweat, tearing up his stall and screaming his lungs out. Luckily, you agreed to bring him to Shiloh where he had lots to do and see- thank you for giving him such a wonderful horsey life!!"

What a cool little guy he was...