Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Icey Ponies Have Arrived!

Our ten Icelandic Ponies have arrived at Shiloh from Monty Robert's Flag is Up Farms in CA. The rescue of these ponies (and 90 more) is being coordinated by Falcon Ridge Horse Rescue in CA. They have many more Iceys who are looking for homes, so if you are looking for a cool little pony make sure to check them out!

These guys are so cute! We have a few very senior ponies in this group who will be remaining at Shiloh, but the younger ones will be looking for adoptive homes very soon. If you see one who interests you, don't wait! Email Jill at Note: Most of these ponies have had very little handling, so experienced homes only.

They all have Icelandic names which we are still learning!

Our first sight of the ponies...

How cute!

Some are still a bit shy, but once caught, they will all lead pretty well.

Pony Pack!
Now here comes the hard part, who is who?

This is Litlas Lista, the dam of Layla. She is 8 years old.

This is Hamras Lyftingur, he is an 11 year old gelding. He is still a bit shy.

This is Kvikur, a 7 year old gelding. He was recently gelded and still quite studdy. He was fighting with Isungur (which left some of the marks) but also has a skin condition with some hair loss.
This cutie is Hugljuf, a 21 year old mare with floppy ears. She loves attention and scratching!

This is Litla, a 25 year old mare who is very sweet and easy to handle. She is good friends with Hugljuf.

This beauty is Isungur, an 8 year old gelding. He was just recently gelded and still acts a bit studdy and was fighting with Kvikur. He does have a locking stifle issue which we will have looked at by the vet soon.

This is Throttur, a 35 year old gelding! So sweet!

This is Tritli, a 24 year old gelding who has already been very happily adopted by Sabine!

This is Lyfting, she is 29 years old and the thinnest of the group.

This is Layla, Litlas Lista's daughter. Layla is 5 years old.

These ponies are going to be alot of fun and I am sure will quickly become volunteer favorites!


zzrmags said...

Argh, have lost track. Where have these little guys come from? Was Flag is Up helping with the transport or did they rescue them?

Shiloh Horse Rescue and Sanctuary said...

The rescue of the ponies is being coordinated by Falcon Ridge and Flag is Up. They laid over at Flag is Up and had some handling work done to them there before they shipped to us. It's a group effort to save as many as possible from this situation. Shiloh paid for the shipping from Flag is up to Shiloh. Hope this helps! :o)

zzrmags said...

Thanks! Good on Flag is Up, it's good to see the Big Guys helping out with rescue work :)