Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Some photos of Tuesday's happenings...

Elisa learns to give Arson one of his Penacillin shots. He gets 35 CCs twice a day in the muscle. That is a big shot and after a few days they begin to hurt. He is supposed to be on these shots for 30 days, poor guy!

Daisy stopped in the next stall over to visit with Tanis for a while. We keep the second stall open for the wanderers. Daisy likes Tanis!

Our neighbor, Harold, was over to move the Levi's buildings into place... Salsa helped out.

Big Vacation Village horses taking a sun nap. It is still very cold out at Shiloh, but if you stop and stand in the sun it feels great.

Sitka, wearing her Magic Leg, eats some hay...

Lucero explored the Bungalow area... She is too cute!
Jingle Bell is looking and feeling better everyday.
Jingle Bell the day she arrived on 12/22/08, you can see the difference already...

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Frances said...

LOL Jingle Bell look like Christian!