Friday, January 23, 2009

A little help?

Thanks to a generous Shiloh supporter, the Trader Joes Store on Washington and Buffalo will be donating their day's old produce to the Shiloh Animals! They would like the produce to be picked up twice a week if possible- a great thing for all the pigs and goats!

Now, here is the problem, we need someone to pick up the produce at least once, or even twice a week at Trader Joes. If it could even be brought from the store to the south side of the valley, like to Wakimoto Feed on South Las Vegas Blvd, we could pick it up from there.

Map: Trader Joes: 7575 West Washington

Please email Sally at if you can help!

1 comment:

Eric Clayton said...

AWESOME!! I love Trader Joe's even more now. :)