Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jingle Bell

Very sad news as Jingle Bell passed away this morning. She was found down in her stall, in shock, and unable to get up. She passed away while we comforted her.

With a starved horse, there is an invisible line that once crossed, the damage is done. Even though she looked and felt better in the short three weeks we had her at Shiloh, her organs were compromised and we could not save her. We have seen this many, many times in the past with other starved horses. Although she was saved at the end, the reality is that she was starved to death by her uncaring owner who had dumped her in the desert to die.

Jingle Bell knew nothing but love, kindness, warmth, friendship, and a full belly for the last three weeks. We will always smile when we remember how she would canter back to her barn stall from the turnout, how she loved her friend Serenity, how she perked up whenever anyone was near her, and how she loved attention from staff and volunteers.

She was a special horse, and we are a better rescue for having cared and loved her.

Rest in peace.

Please take a minute to watch and listen to her tribute video:


Mikey said...

Oh dang it. That poor old horse. The video was beautiful. I wish more people realized what it does to starve a horse like that. I had one of those too, I rescued from a horrible pen, knee deep mud. She pooped rocks, because that's about all she could get to eat. I had her 2 yrs and she coliced and was put down. She just never bounced back as well as I would have liked.
At least Jingle Bell was loved and cared for and well fed during her last few weeks. God Bless you all for that.

Found art blog said...

Oh poopdecker. At least at least.... thank you, everyone, for helping her the last three weeks.


the 4 D's said...

I just gave her E.S. on Sunday. Darn It!!! I feel so bad for Serenity, they were so happy together. We will MISS you J. Bell!
The Hickeys

Mom said...

I am so sorry about Jingle Bell. Thank you for giving her love and kindness her last few weeks. She looked so happy in her video.

Amy Jo said...

i wish who ever dumped her could be prosecuted. lazy sob's. hope they rot in hell. all you have to do is reach out TRY and find help for a horse. a dog. TRY. monsters.

Cheri said...

What a happy looking horse. Only
3 short weeks but the love she got in the end must have made her feel so good compared to what she had been enduring. Rest in peace.
All you wonderful people who showered her with love and attention will not be forgotten.