Sunday, January 4, 2009


Well, as always happens with horses, bad things come in threes. This morning, Cheyenne was found in distress with a case of colic, and had to be trailed immediately into the vet clinic for treatment. Sally and Sharil took her in while volunteers held down the fort.

Cheyenne was very colicy, down on the ground rolling, stretching, etc. She was given Banamine for the trip. Once at the clinic she was evaluated by Dr. Dorenkamp who found an impaction. By loading her up with fluids and oil via a stomach tube, her prognosis is good. She will remain in the clinic overnight and we are planning to pick her up in the morning.

Meanwhile, Arson is hopefully going to also be ready to come home from the clinic in the morning. He is doing well, but while the vets were lancing an abscess by his ear , Arson flinched and a branch of his Jugular vein was sliced causing a great amount of bleeding. He was quickly stitched and packed, since obviously he could have actually bled to death in a few moments. But, all the vets pitched in and he made a great recovery and is ready to come home. Poor Arson, that horse has been through it all.

But, on to the fun stuff. Here is Charlie causing great havoc on Saturday. He was on a tear!
So cute, but looks can be deceiving...

He decided to pick on Tommy Haflinger...

Poor Tommy!

Tommy fights back!

But, he's no match for Charlie!
Going for the halter...

He's got it!

Hold on Tommy!
Charlie, you are a menace!

Next, it was off to bother Elvis...

And then he got into it with P. Shaggy!

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