Monday, June 20, 2011

Some Odds and Ends...

We have been so busy trying to get our ranch houses painted this past week that I haven't had time to take many photos-Sorry everyone, I will take more this week for the blog. I know people love to see the photos and updates on the daily activity at Shiloh. :o)

Sweetie is our Rescue Horse of the Week, check her page out here.

Some good news as Higgins, Icey Litlas Lista, Icey Kviker and Slash have all been adopted to new loving homes in the past week.

This week we also welcomed back formerly adopted horses, Puma (the Paint mare who has old scars from a Mountain Lion attack when she was young and before Shiloh rescued her), Sully and Rabbit. At Shiloh we understand that Life happens when you are making other plans, so Shiloh Horses are always welcomed back to Shiloh. These three horses have been in adoptive homes for a few years. We will be re-evaluating Puma and Rabbit for re-adoption and sweet old Sully will be used for some summer riding lessons for beginners at the rescue. All three horses arrived back at Shiloh looking excellent, well cared for, healthy and happy.

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