Thursday, December 30, 2010

Summit of the Horse, January 5th

First off, we have pushed our February Fundraiser back to sometime this coming summer. The time was getting too tight and we have just had so much to deal with the past few months. We will let everyone know more once we have a better idea of a date.

Secondly, Sally and I will be attending a day of the United Horseman's Summit of the Horse to be held at the South Point Casino here in Las Vegas. We will be attending on January 5th. This Summit is a pro-slaughter summit where horse welfare, horse slaughter and Wild Horse issues will be discussed. We encourage anyone who is interested to attend as well. We feel that it is important to know the other side's issues and ideas in order to continue to push for an end to Horse Slaughter.

Shiloh's policy is to always be professional in our actions and to stay educated on all of the issues. Therefore, anyone who attends with Sally and I will be required to stay professional and calm and realize that your actions will speak louder than words.


Clairese Yuhasz Austin said...

Wow, I am in shock.

There is no way any of our donors would allow our crew to use charity money to attend an event that we know is pro-slaughter. If I was a billionaire, I would not use my money to attend this one sided "summit". This is no true summit - a conference of highest-level officials (as heads of government.

Each and every single penny given as participants or vendors goes right into Sue Wallis' pro-slaughter coffers. I could never sleep at night knowing that.

Elisa said...

To Clairese?-
I am sure that Jill and Sally would never use "Charity" monies to attend an event like this. Every donated dime (plus much more) goes to the care and support of the 150+ horses in the sanctuary and rescue.

Its not going to be all "one sided", now! Jill and Sally will be there. Maybe you should show some support for your cause, instead of fearing pro slaughter advocates and hiding from them.
You don't have to shop for next year's christmas presents there, you know!

Eric Clayton said...

Thanks, Jill and Sally. We can't beat the other side without knowing all about it. Everyone knows that.

I'll sleep better at night knowing that all of our donations are taking care of these horses you managed to save from slaughter while you spend your money to make sure we can continue giving these animals a quality of life, and learn all the ways we can pursue to protect them in the future.

Thank you for making a difference and staying educated to be able to do so.

Shiloh Horse Rescue and Sanctuary said...


Why would you automatically assume I use donated money to attend a summit? Most of Shiloh funding is already from my own pocket.

I was contacted by the HSUS today who asked me if I would attend since I live in Las Vegas.

If you want to end horse slaughter, you MUST know the other side's arguments and plan of action. That just makes good sense. To refuse to listen, and instead to just rant and rail at the cruelty of horse slaughter, does the horses' no good and plays right into the pro slaughter side's arguments that we are all radicals.

My motto here is "Know your enemy, Know yourself".

I sleep at night knowing I run a professional, open and realistic horse rescue and that all of us at Shiloh have the courage and knowledge to face our opponents head on and on their own ground.

Anonymous said...

Jill: And THAT is the way to do it !!!

Sue said...

Thank you JIll and Sally.

Stephen Murphy said...

Slaughter House Sue's so called sponsors are dropping like flies. Temple Grandin already requested she be struck from the list. But still we need professional horse advocates like you Jill there. John Holland is keeping a close eye on the developements on this summit and getting the word out almost on a daily basis. If she's not shut down and gets her way to build a slaughter house in her state, all those mustangs the BLM has in holding facilities will be the first to end up there.

Found art blog said...

You know what? I have no trouble with the idea of Shiloh attending the summit simply because we all need to sit at the same table to negotiate terms. End of. How else are we going to shut down the slaughter places?? Bombs??

Elaine said...

Let me know what time you guys are going and maybe I can swing it. I do work on Wednesday but I can try to take sometime to attend. It is very important to know your opponents plans and what better way but to sit amongst them and listen, listen, listen that is how we will save the horses from slaughter, by gaining incite. With knowledge we can win for the horses.

Anonymous said...

Bombs is a way....but not very effective.
What strikes me is that they have speakers, and "specialists"virtually from only one section: Quarterhorses, working horses for cattle, rodeo people.
That represents a VERY one sided look upon things, as different people have different ideas and lifestyles.
You can not compare the point of view from working cattle horses people, with that of an Arabian horse breeder, or a dressagehorse trainer, or someone that has a horse for fun, ALL of these people have VERY different looks upon how horses and their issues should be handled.
That is a MAJOR issue at this summit already: they have people that represent only ONE point of view, and, with an ideal way of doing it, such as will never be done or even possible in reality.
So your problem already starts at the roots of the organisation.
I am baffled by the way that Southpoint would host such a thing.
My two cents........

Jackie said...

Jill and Sally, you're a lot stronger than I am! I could never sit through something as horrible as this summit sounds. Good luck to you in there - you're doing the right thing (as always)!

Cheri said...

Poor Clairese, close-mindedness is why we have war and cannot get along with people who's idea's are different than ours.
You cannot learn if you do not listen.
Wish I could be there too Jill and Sally, my money is always on Shiloh because of your actions.

Saigh said...

I hear it went real bad for the pro-slaughter folk, lots of negative press. Honestly, I am thinking Slaughterhouse Sue might have done us a huge favor by bringing more attention. I look forward to reading anything you might have to report.

That being said, I admire your strong stomach, even with the way it turned out, I can barely read anything regarding it. Blessings to you!

Tracey said...

Jill, I didn't realize that was you that I spoke to at Summit this week. It was me who walked over and talked to you after you'd stood up and spoke. Wish I'd known and we could have had lunch.

I've yet to post on my blog about the week...heck, my head is still swimming from all the escalator rides, air conditioning, and flight home. Can hardly wait for a good night's sleep. But for those who were unable to attend, I felt it went quite well and I was very pleased that Dr Grandin came and presented us with her ideas. She was the shining star of the event.

arlene said...

Thank you Jill and Sally for attending this.

You are correct, we need to know our enemy.