Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sarge's Shiloh Journey Has Ended

Sad news from Shiloh as one of our ranch dogs, Sarge, was euthanized at the vet clinic this afternoon. He had a very fast growing tumor under his tongue that was affecting his breathing, eating and swallowing.

Sarge orginally showed up at Shiloh one morning a few years ago. He had followed some riders out on a trail ride, and after becoming tired, he stopped at Shiloh for a few days rest before heading home. We welcomed him, put a hankerchief on him and invited him to stay. But, after a few days, he packed up and headed back to where he had come from. We said good bye and hoped we would see him again.

To our surprise and happiness, he returned one month later, this time to stay for good. We laughed and joked that he went home to get his "affairs" in order and let his owner know he was a-moving! He never left again.

Sarge was very old and stiffened with arthritis, but his heart was always young. He would meet us every morning at the gate- but we all knew he was really waiting to see Eric.

Eric and Sarge had a very strong bond, Eric even referred to Sarge as his "son". He would act like a puppy again when Eric was around and they would go on to enjoy many Shiloh adventures together. Our hearts go out to both Sarge and Eric.

Sarge lived a long and full life and we are so happy that his life's path crossed ours. He was a wonderful dog who will be badly missed.

Sarge's ashes will be spread at Shiloh- the place that he freely chose to live out his days.

Good boy, Sarge. Thank you for stopping by our ranch and our hearts. We love you.

- Posted from the road on my iPhone!


Trisha from downunder said...

Thank you for sharing the story of Sarge and thank you for having the endless love and kindness in your hearts to love all God's creatures.
It was a loving, touching story and one that brought tears to my eyes since I have only recently lost one of my doggies too.
RIP Sarge, Tony will take good care of you <3

Elaine said...

What a wonderful story about Sarge, he was a really awesome dog so sweet. I am taken aback by the loss of Sarge, it seems we have had a very rough few months at Shiloh.

Lori Skoog said...

This must be the time. I had to put down our 30 ear old Pony two nights've lost your horse and now Sarge. What a great relationship he had with Eric. It is obvious that they adored each other.

I'm sure he came back because he knew it was the best place to be. All of your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Mikey said...

Oh goodness that completely made me cry. Eric (and all of you) I'm so very sorry for your loss. He was obviously a special dog who will missed greatly. Hugs to all of you.

the 3 D's said...

yeah these have been a rough few months at the ranch and with all the rain I really commend the guys who have worked in the rain for 5 days straight to keep all the horses and animals in comfort the best they can

Thanks guys

Xenomorphic said...

What a lovely dog,and how he seems to have enjoyed his time at the rescue. I am sorry you are all missing him now.

Found art blog said...

Oh what a shame..... I remember meeting Sarge when i visited in 2007! He was a darling!