Monday, October 3, 2011

Finally, Some Photos!

September was a hectic month for me and I was out of town the majority of the month. But, I am back now and back to taking photos of the happenings out at Shiloh. So Enjoy!

Sundance, Assisted Living.

Whiskey, Gummie Saloon.

Melvyn, Assisted Living- nice tail Melvie!

Bucky and Eden, Assisted Living.

Breakfast Club.

Moztec by the Boarders' tack rooms.

Beautiful clouds over the rescue...

Felipe trimmed Cochise's hooves for Sharil.

A quiet moment between Moose and Vanessa...

Chia Pet's sunny personality...

Little Vacation Village.

Tommy With an Eye, Little Vacation Village.

Kelso, dozing on Seemore's back...

Clouds over Hospice.

John and Capone wandered through the Mare Motel...

Hawkeye and Zoolander, Medical Units.

Okay Corral.

Okay Corral.

Big Pasture.

Mojo, stealing hay from a Medical Unit.

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