Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weekend at Shiloh

A busy weekend... Mojo and Baja, our new Power Couple? Is this the end of Moztec? Say it isn't so! Felipe planted flowers by our Girl Scout tree on the Cherry Pie lawn... Jedermann waited patiently for me while Ethel stood in the Barn aisle... Taquito and Tortilla... Slash, the horse who was found in the desert a few weeks ago, is doing really well. He has settled in and is now enjoying the attention he is getting. We have begun working him in the round pen and we will tack him up this week for his evaluation. This is a really cute gelding, very level headed, sound and healthy. Sarah and Starsky got new shoes from farrier Travis under City Center... While Helga visited with Dynamite... Okay Corral, lined up for breakfast... Sy spent some time wandering this morning. Here he pauses by the Gummies for a drink of water. It was so cold yesterday and last night that we put a blanket on him. It actually SNOWED at Shiloh yesterday! Snow in April... Breezer and Spartacus "meet" Slash... Higgens is being worked and will be evaluated under saddle this coming week as well. Higgens came from the Fallon Feedlot... More evidence of the demise of Moztec? Baja was caught with Mojo as he napped... Sheriff spent the colder weather back in his Barn stall for the extra protection... Rugrat and Jimmy Dean found shelter in their Barn stall... Elaine and Willie Nelson out in the arena. Elaine is officially adopting Willie- Yay! A meeting under City Center... Sabine lunged Sadler... Sy trying to decide to wander or not to wander... Breakfast Club in action... Intrepid shows me what he thinks of getting his photo taken. The chestnut is Slider... While Sabine worked with Beau.

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