Friday, March 8, 2013

A Very Rainy Friday

Lots of rain today at Shiloh! Everyone was full of mud...

Okay Corral under rain clouds.

Wanderers Charlie, Cortez and Concho.

Gummie Dunny, full of mud but happily eating breakfast...

A bedraggled looking Florecita! She has two public appearances next week- ugh!

Aztec is really having a bad hair day!

Wandering friends Huckleberry, Pokie Dot, Taquito and Tortilla.

Bowie and Woody eating their hay in Okay Corral.

GG enjoying her Guardian Angel feed in the shelter of the Mare Motel while Trucker looks on wistfully...

Lexington eating his morning food under his Hospice shelter. Good boy, Lex!

Some Shiloh seniors being smart and using their shelters to stay dry; left to right; Sully, Sundance and Celebrate.

Storm clouds over the Barnyard.

Another great addition from Todd- he piled sand in one of the turn outs for the horses to play and roll in!

- Posted by Jill Curtis from the Ranch

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