Saturday, February 9, 2013

Design and Wine Shiloh Event

This afternoon's Design and Wine Event in Las Vegas was a resounding success! Our hardworking volunteers and Shiloh Mini Ambassadors were a hit.

Huge thank you to everyone at Design and Wine who raised almost $800.00 for the Shiloh Horses! We cannot thank you all enough!

Big thanks also to Deonna Hickey was took the reins from Shiloh and organized the day. Thank you to all our volunteers who helped out and a special thank you to Felipe who hauled the horses.

Make sure to checkout Design and Wine's website and learn how you can join the fun!

First the kids painted...

And then Florecita and Mojo arrived!

The smiles say it all!

Hooray for rescue!

- Posted by Jill Curtis from the Ranch


Norma said...

Looks like a successful & happy event!!!! Mojo and Florecita looked like they were on their best behaviour!!! <3

Journey of a Horse said...

So cute!