Friday, December 21, 2012

A very Cold Friday

A very cold day today at the ranch. But, so far there are not any emergencies and all is quiet.

Lots of horses laying down and soaking up the sun. On cold days like this it isn't unusual to look out across the pastures and see lots of the horses laying out flat.

Big Pasture under a clear cold Nevada sky.

Big Pasture

Maximo and Katy, trying to stay warm..

Avalon, Big Pasture

Wasabi, Big Pasture...

Big Pasture

Wanderers huddled together eating breakfast...

A very cold Katy...

Muncie and Indy. These are two very sweet young geldings: Muncie is about 4 years old while Indy is only around 2 years of age. I will blog more about these two horses tomorrow with an update to their story...

Mamacita and Florecita snuck through the fence and into Assisted Living for their breakfast.

- Posted by Jill Curtis from the Ranch

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