Monday, October 22, 2012

My Back Surgery Update

I have had a few people ask me for an update on my back.

It has been ten months since I had the surgery and my back has healed unbelievably well. I just went to see my surgeon today and he said it has totally fused around the screws and plates and is now stable. He told me that basically my back had been broken into two pieces (from 30+ years of riding), its amazing that I was able to function as well as I did for all those years and then get back into competitive riding after 16 years.

Anyway, he cleared me for riding and I will be back in the saddle as soon as Jedermann returns from CA in a few weeks! I am really excited!

My x-ray from today.

Front view.

I know that many people's back surgery do not turn out very well, but I was lucky and am extremely happy that I went through with it!

- Posted by Jill Curtis from the Ranch

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Donna B. said...

AMAZING! What a tribute to back surgery! One NEVER hears these kind of stories...who is your back surgeon? I really would like to know for my husband's sake. Glad you will be back in the saddle.