Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Trucker's Progress

Trucker lost his Magic Shoe again for the second time in a week. Thanks to Sharil who found it this time.

But since it was off for a few days as we searched for it, we were really able to see how well his leg is doing without the support. His fetlock joint seems to be finally fusing and stabilizing and his leg stays in a much more normal position. This is great news for this little guy!

Standing without his shoe...

The left fetlock is the bad one, look how much better his angles are...

Looking really good!

His left fetlock is much thicker and fusing, which is what we were hoping would eventually happen.

Here is the way his legs and hooves looked when he was found in January 2012.

Waiting for his shoe to be put back on...

Thanks Osvaldo!

- Posted by Jill Curtis from Shiloh Ranch

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MichelleL said...

Continually amazed by Trucker's rehabilitation and powers of recuperation. Did you ever get a diagnosis on what may have caused his condition?