Thursday, May 10, 2012

Rummage/Benefit Sale Reminder

Don't Forget: Our Shiloh Benefit Rummage Sale is being held on Saturday, May 19th in the parking lot of the:

Fresh and Easy Neighborhood Market located at 9475 West Desert Inn in Las Vegas

Sale begins at 8am

We will be setting up starting at 6am in the parking lot, Volunteers needed! So get out of bed early for a good cause- the Shiloh Horses! :0)

We do need some more pop up canopies for shade- if anyone has one that we can use, please let David know (his contact info is listed below).

Donated sale items can be brought out to Shiloh before May 19th.

Items can also be dropped off in Las Vegas before May 19th. To drop items off in town, please contact David at 702-575-4163 or

Items may also be dropped off at the sale on the early morning of May 19th.

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