Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tons of Photos!

Good news as Intrepid and Fax headed out to their new home on Tuesday and Nevada was adopted today to the same CA home as Larceny...

I took lots of photos yesterday and today, enjoy!

Breakfast Club; left to right Lyfting, Fiesta, Donkey Otie and Inca...

Roulette (left) and Manhattan (right); Okay Corral.

Frost, Okay Corral

Lovely, Okay Corral

Apache, Okay Corral

Blahnik, Okay Corral

Ciento, Easy Street

Levi, Easy Street

Cognac, Easy Street

Godspeed, Okay Corral

Waco and Juniper, Okay Corral (Juniper's ears just look weird in the photo- they are normal in real life, she must have been moving them when I took the photo!)

Melvyn (left) and Vista, Gummies

Jimmy Dean, Cherry Pie Grass

Rabbit, Hospice

Vic, Easy Street

Val, Easy Street

Cricket, Okay Corral

Salsa, Okay Corral (Frost and Farrier Osbaldo behind)

The hay is greener on the other side for Wanderers Mojo and Trigger by the Bungalows...

I caught and bathed old Champ. Here is is post-bath in Gummies...

Champ, Gummies

I stayed last night at the ranch in my trailer, The Screaming Chicken. Sunset clouds over Shiloh...

More sunset clouds. I took Jedermann out on trail for a sunset gallop in the cooler evening weather. It is so peaceful at the ranch at night...

Early this morning in Big Pasture- where are the horses?

Um, anybody home?

All the pasture horses were back in the cool trees- they didn't come wandering out until breakfast time...

Yukon, Big Pasture

Spider in the trees. It really is way cooler back here- smart horses!

Waiting to be fed...

Looking from Big Pasture into Okay Corral- the Okay Corral horses were also hanging out in their trees...


Cary said...

Great to see Cognac! Thanks!

English Rider said...

Great looking hay.