Monday, May 9, 2011

Two More Shiloh Journeys Have Ended- Sunset and Siena

Last week two of our Sanctuary horses passed away. A sad part of rescue, saying good bye to friends is always difficult...

Sunset (pictured above) was found early one morning laying peacefully under the Mesquite trees in her pasture where she had lived for the past year. Her best friend, Spider was standing nearby. It looks like she passed quietly, there was no sign of a struggle. Sunset was not in the best condition when she was rescued from a CA auction in 2008, but she lived a good horse life in her herd at Shiloh. Visit Sunset's Greener Pasture page here.

Sienna, who arrived at Shiloh in July 2010 from Animal Control, showed signs of colic last Friday and was brought into the vet clinic. It was determined that she had a large Entrolith (intestinal stone) and sadly she had to be euthanised. Visit Sienna's Greener Pasture page here.

Rest in peace friends.


Rose Connolly said...

Rest in peace beautiful horses..
Jill and the staff at Shiloh
are too wonderful and kind for
words..! God Bless you and
the horses...

English Rider said...

You must have so many Horse-Angels in your heart. Hats off to you for everything you do to make sure they are loved until their journeys' end.