Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sorry that we haven't posted in a while!

I am sorry that we are not blogging regularly right now. As most of you know, Tony is in the hospital. He is doing better, responding to his treatments and should be back to his old self in a few weeks.

But, Sally and I have been staying with him in the hospital so we haven't been able to keep you all updated on the daily adventures at Shiloh.

All is well at the rescue, it's so hot that all the horses are staying quiet. We have had a few potential adopters out, so business moves on.

I am hoping to get back to Shiloh next week and when I do, I will take tons of photos for you all!

Thank you for your understanding and support,

Jill Curtis


Jackie said...

Hoping Tony is feeling better and home soon!

Elaine said...

We miss you guys and I know the horses and other critters do. Take care of Tony, glad to hear he is getting better. See you soon. e